S.C. “L I L Structural Design” S.R.L.

Trade Registry Number: J12/1760/25.06.2003
Fiscal Identification Code: RO 15542883
IBAN account: RO55 BTRL 0130 1202 9421 65XX
"Transilvania" Bank Cluj-Napoca



Headquarters & Mail adress:
#6, Cetatii Street
400.166 - CLUJ-NAPOCA (Cluj County); ROMANIA



General manager:
PhD CEng. (Mr.) Hortensiu-Liviu CUCU


Cell phones:

(004) 0722 - 87.87.69

(004) 0744 - 87.87.69

(004) 0766 - 87.87.69

(004) 0788 - 87.87.69



L I L Structural Design – company offering construction design services (architectural and structural design office), construction consultancy services (office of technical assistance in construction) and construction management services (office of construction management) to beneficiaries, investors, entrepreneurs and designers (architects and engineers).


CAD structural design: structural conception, structural modeling, structural analysis and structural optimization, by the aid of some Finite Elements Analysis programs (FEA), based on the Method of the Finite Elements (MEF). Industrial constructions design (halls design: industrial halls design, metallic halls design, mixed halls design; production halls design; storage halls design; logistic centers design; headquarters offices design; production spaces design; showrooms design; design of all other types of buildings and industrial construction structures); civil constructions design (schools design; sports rooms design; office buildings design; dwelling buildings design; family houses design; shops design; supermarkets design; design of other types of buildings and structures of civil constructions); farming constructions design (live-stock halls design; farming production halls design; design of other types of buildings and farm construction structures; special constructions design (metallic or concrete foot bridges design; advertising structure design – panels, unipols, totems; bunkers design; silos design; tanks design; piles design; towers design; design of other types of buildings and special construction structures).

Construction consultancy: technical support and specialized assistance, in any performing stage of any types of constructions previously counted.

Construction management: management and coordination of the entire activity, to maximize performance of an investment (or of a construction objective).


L I L Structural Design – performance, quality and promptitude in the field of the construction design services, construction consultancy and construction management. Passion and experience, morality and honesty, availability and promptitude, ambition and consistency, modesty and impressiveness!

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