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L I L Structural Design - Hale industriale

Industrial halls / halls with industrial destination

     One of the main activities of the design office of the company “L I L Structural Design” S.R.L. has been that to insure structural design, technical assistance and construction management for many industrial halls.

     Until now there have been performed, delivered and followed in performance "Technical projects" (PT - "Proiect Tehnic" - in Romanian) or "Documentations with Performance Details" (DDE - "Documentatie cu Detalii de Executie" - in Romanian) for the following types of industrial halls:

  • Metallic halls;
  • Concrete steel halls;
  • Mixed (steel and concrete) structure halls.

  • Production halls;
  • Storage halls (storage rooms).

  • Halls with administrative building;
  • Halls without administrative building.

  • Halls with bridge cranes;
  • Halls without bridge crane.

  • Ground-floor halls;
  • Split-level halls;
  • Floored halls.

     The main structures of the metallic halls have been performed from the following qualities of alloyed hot laminated steel:

  • steel OL37; OL37-2; OL37-2k; OL37-3k; OL37-4k; OL52-2k; OL52-3k; OL52-4k (STAS 500/1,2);
  • steel S185; S235JR; S235JRG2; S235JO; S235J2; S355JR; S355JO; S355J2 (SR EN 10025 +A1),

using the following categories or types of sections:

  • europrofiles (HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, UAP);
  • Romanian laminated profiles (laminated profile in I, U, L);
  • cold drawn pipes;
  • cold-bent thin plate profiles;
  • formed sections (Double T or I sections with variable core; double T or I with variable plates, performed whether through the use of the laminated profiles or through the use of welded thick plate;
  • round steel.

     A special attention has been granted to the dimensioning and detailing of the joints of these elements, conceived as it follows:

  • as welded joints (relief-welded joints or corner-welded joints; respectively, welded joints in depth or head-to-head),
  • as bolted joints (with screws or bolts) or gross (not-dodged up), half-accurate and accurate (dodged up), or pre-stresses high resistance screws (SIRP).

     In many situations, the metallic structures have been transformed in mixed structures, from concrete-steel, by the performance of some interim floors from concrete steel, connected with the metallic beam network through metallic connectors, welded in factory or shot on site on the upper plates of the beams. In many cases, for the increasing of the performance speeds and for the decrease of the casing works and support of the plates / floors, there have been used – as lost casings – different ranges of corrugated steel sheets.

     The elements of the concrete steel main structures have been performed whether from classic concrete steel, traditional (monolith or precast), or from prestressed concrete steel (with pre-tensioned armature or with post-tensioned armature).

     Now, due to the partnerships the company has concluded, “L I L Structural Design” S.R.L. is able to offer to the possible clients contracting services or general management / project management, existing the possibility of the contracting and delivering of industrial halls “ready-to-use” (performed, assembled, finished and completely equipped).

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