Industrial construction design, industrial building design, industrial design

Until now, the design activity of the company “L I L Structural Design” S.R.L. has been oriented towards the  industrial construction design (the design of industrial constructions).

Among many of the designed industrial constructions, we count:

  • industrial halls:
    • metallic halls, concrete steel or mixed (with concrete steel structure) halls;
    • production halls or storage halls (storage rooms).

  • logistic centers, logistic halls, logistic parks;

  • company registered offices with productive spaces and / or storage spaces;

  • storage halls and hangars;

  • vehicle/car services and car-wash;

  • other types of industrial buildings and industrial construction structures.

In future, the activity of the company "L I L Structural Design" S.R.L. shall be mainly oriented towards the industrial building design.

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